Sustainability Learning Centre


The Sustainability Learning Centre is an energy efficient contemporary learning facility integrating inspiring architecture and exemplary environmentally sustainable design (ESD). It achieved certified Green Building Council 6 Star Green Star As Built rating in February 2017 representing world leadership in building construction. The centre embodies the environmental goals it espouses with a carbon footprint of 1% of equivalent buildings at the time of construction. Extensive recycling, cooling using night sky temperatures, and the almost total eradication of the use of concrete are a few of the innovative but simple sustainable technologies utilised.

The architectural language expresses the centre’s purpose, use of recycled materials, and the elements, principles and technology it incorporates and establishes a unique identity that signals the building’s intent to the public. Bio-diverse Tasmanian bushland and a spectacular axial view of kunanyi / Mount Wellington bestow a distinctive sense of place supported by an imposing entrance foyer, high volumes, and naturally lit interiors with strong visual connection to the exterior. As a ‘hands on’ educational tool, it demonstrates, monitors and disseminates data using smart building technology. Flexible learning spaces meet diverse requirements for community and school programs by Greening Australia and open to courtyards for outdoor learning and biodiversity gardens.