Rosny Historic Centre is a picturesque ensemble of an original walled farmyard and its stone farm buildings from Tasmania’s early convict period. It is a physical memorial to pioneering ex-convict farmers from the first decades of Hobart’s colonial settlement. Rosny Barn is an excellent example of its type, being a large masonry barn demonstrating the design and construction techniques of such structures.

Our conservation and adaptive re-use strategies for the walled yard, the barn and remnant structures, included a minimal impact approach to the existing fabric, retention of as many past alterations and insertions as was logical and careful assessment of the most appropriate approach for each new insertion.

The award-winning outcome conserves the integrity of the historic structures, reveals the story told by the built fabric and enhances the drama of the barn’s high volume, massive stone walls and timber roof. Rosny Barn is now a high quality, flexible space for visual and performing arts events. The overall Historic Centre has universal access, site lighting, new interpretive signage, a large store and an outdoor shelter.

This project by Morrison & Breytenbach Architects with Mary Knaggs Heritage Architect.